Author: Ryan Chen

Hello Summer! 2016|你好夏天!

Poster vector designed by Freepik Here comes the best local Rock & Roll music festival you can find in the Bay Area! It’s performed by the best Chinese R&R bands. They will bring original works fresh off the...

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2016年6月11日,知名旅美作曲家、音乐制作人于阳、HMusic Studio创办人、音乐制作人黄旭代表湾区华人乐手协会Bay Area Chinese Musician Association(BACMA)为2016中国好声音美国旧金山海选赛出任评委。经过激烈的比赛与讨论,评委老师在众多选手中评选出旧金山五强,分别为Tao、Fangming Lu、Zhengqian...

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