BACMA 10 Years

BACMA从2011年开始的小团体聚会发展到今天在旧金山地区的华人音乐中的独树一帜。在这十年中,我们除了组织每年一度的你好夏天和2年一度的唱给朋友们听的常规演出,还组织大家进行线上线下的音乐交流,办少儿的培训讲座,举办大师课等一系列的活动。我们一直努力的支持和帮助我们身边的人,传播中国的传统文化和支持以中国人为主的音乐活动。 我们帮助了很多湾区的优秀音乐团体和个人如不安因素,饕餮,bay breeze,走起等等,同时也主办和协办了很多知名艺人的演出和讲座,如罗琦,谢天笑,马頔,阿肆,李荣浩,宋冬野,李志,扭曲的机器,北京吉他二重奏等,另外还帮助了很多本地的社区社团,如敬老院义务演出,图书馆文化沙龙,幼儿园的中国文化介绍等,当然我们也得到了很多团体的帮助,例如旧金山华人电台,电视台,餐馆,房地产经济,各大高校,各种华人社团,旧金山领馆及其他。 我们其实不是一个固定的团体,我们就是生活中的你我他她。我们没有固定的形式和年龄限制,我们欢迎和接纳各种形式的人来参与进来,帮助我们一同发展BACMA。十年过去了,我们的中坚力量一直都在默默的支持和努力。下一个十年,我们怎么走,下一个十年,愿你们和我们同行!


Community Services

Our Heart is in community and music


Band Promotion

We are helping local band to promote themselves. Hosting concert is the way we gather together with friends and families.


Education Series

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Live Performance

Every year, we host at least music concert for friends and families.


We hosts concerts for local bands. 2022: 10 Years Concert 2023: Youth Concert, Hello Summer, Every Summer, we host one rock concert for our local bands. We also support local bands and bands from abroad. 2018,we featured Qi Luo as our guest artist.



Every twice year, we host one folk music concert for friends and families. 2016, We featured Hongfei Wu as our guest Artiest



We host workshop and masterclass to help people who would like to know more about chinese music.

Classical Chinese Music

Song Writing workshop

Master Class


Would like to participate?

We welcome you to contact us via email or join us on the facebook page or wechat public page.


Hello there! We are proudly introducing our non-profit organization BACMA – Bay Area Chinese Musician Association, which is formally incorporated in 2014! Being active since 2011, we hosted 1 or 2 concerts for local Chinese musician bands every year. People participated in these concerts are either local bands or well known bands from all worldwide. we promoted original song writing by the local talents, and also hosted educational series for the community. As always, we are here to promote awareness of Chinese culture cultivate local Chinese-American pop music style, and answer any music-related needs of the community! Let us know when you think of BACMA!