Hello there! We are proudly introducing our non-profit organization BACMA – Bay Area Chinese Musician Association, which is formally incorporated in 2014! Being active since 2011, we hosted 6 concerts for local Chinese musician bands or well known bands from mainland China; we promoted original song writing by the local talents, and also hosted educational series for the community. As always, we are here to promote awareness of Chinese culture cultivate local Chinese-American pop music style, and answer any music-related needs of the community! Let us know when you think of BACMA!

大家好!我们是湾区华人乐手协会BACMA。这个非营利组织正式成立于2014年。从2011年起,我们已经举办过 6 次音乐会,包括湾区本地乐队的演出,和邀请中国知名乐队来演出。我们推动湾区华人原创音乐的发展,也为广大华人社区举办了几次教育性的活动。希望我们的努力能一如既往的提高华人文化认知,形成湾区特有的华人音乐风格,和满足社区对音乐教育和娱乐方面的各种要求!


Contact us  baympa@gmail.com