The band is a new blood in the hard core/classical rock genre formed in 2014 by a gang of Chinese engineers in the bay area. Early members included guitarist Luyi Wang, bassist Lin Ma, and drummer Lei Cao. Later in October 2014 through March 2015, guitarists Ryan Yue and Youming Liu, vocalists Hao Wu and Artie, and keyboard player Yao Du joined the band and officially named the band Taotie. Till 2017, Band member settled as Guitar: Huanyu an jin zeng. Vocal : Chao chen, bass: Lin Ma, Keyboard: Jessica. Drum : Lei Cao. Taotie is the 5th son of the ancient Chinese totem Dragon who is known for greediness and cruelness. The band named itself after this animal to worship the Chinese origin of the members, as well as to present hard core rock in a way to shake the audience with intensity and strength.

饕餮乐队是一支新晋摇滚乐队,由一群硅谷工程师在2014年成立。早期成员为吉他手Luyi Wang,贝斯手Lin Ma和鼓手Lei Cao。从2014年10月至2015年3月,吉他手Ryan Yue和Youming Liu,主唱Hao Wu和Artie, 以及键盘手 Yao Du 先后加入,并正式命名为饕餮乐队。到2017年,成员变更为: 吉他:huanyu和jin zeng,bass,lin ma,鼓手 leicao, 键盘jessica。 饕餮,龙之第五子,贪婪凶残。乐队以此命名,旨在传承华人传统文化,表达龙的传人在海外的思乡之情,以及代表乐队的硬核摇滚风格,并以此给朋友们呈现出震撼的视听盛宴。